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Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

Down to Earth

When it all began, Heaven was here on Earth.

The physical plane, more than any of the higher spiritual worlds, was the place where the Divine Presence yearned to be.

But Man, step by step, banished the Divine Presence from its home, with a tree of knowledge, with a man who murdered his brother, with all those things that human beings do . . .

Since Man chased it away, only Man can bring it back. And this began with Abraham, who proclaimed Oneness for all the world. And it ends with us. Our generation will bring Heaven back down to Earth.

Our Mandate

Each generation has its role in history.

From all the generations before us we inherited a wealth of dreams: philosophy, truths, wisdom and purpose. We are tiny midgets standing on the shoulders of their ideas and their noble deeds.

Our generation’s mandate—and destiny—is to make the dream real.

The Purpose

There are infinite worlds beyond ours and beyond the worlds of the angels, all full of divine light, beauty and oneness. But know also that all this was brought into being with a single purpose: G‑d desires to be at home within your mundane world

The Bridge

Animals do not gaze at the stars, and angels are confined to the realm of the spirit, but Man is G‑d’s bridge between heaven and earth.

Our bodies are formed from the dust; our souls are of the essence of G‑d. We alone can look at a physical world and see spiritual life and beauty. We who are beyond both heaven and earth, form and matter, spirit and body—we alone can fuse the two.

Seeing Within

Man sees a tree and the tree says, “I am here, I was here, and I am nothing more but a thing that is here.”

Man ponders and answers, “No! I give you a name! You are ‘tree’! You have beauty and you have a soul. You point upwards and you say, ‘There is something higher, there is the One who gives me life and gives me my very being.’”

And so Man goes on, until he has brought the whole of creation down on its knees. Man alone can accomplish what the angels cannot. Man alone can discover the spiritual within the material.

G-d In Exile

They have banished G-d into exile. They have decreed He is too holy, too transcendent to belong in our world. They have determined He does not belong within the ordinary, in the daily run of things.

And so they have driven Him out of His garden, to the realm of prayer and meditation, to the sanctuaries and the secluded places of hermits. They have sentenced the Creator to exile, and His creation they have locked in a dark, cold prison.

And He pleads, “Let me come back to My garden, to the place in which I found delight when it all began.”

The Garden

There are people who do many good things, but with pessimism—because to them the world is an inherently bad place. Since their good deeds have no life to them, who knows how long they can keep it up?

We must know that this world is not a dark, sinister jungle, but a garden. And not just any garden, but row row-custom’s own pleasure garden, full of beauty, wonderful fruits and fragrances, a place where G-d desires to be with all His essence.

If the taste to us is bitter, it is only because we must first peel away the outer shell to find the fruit inside.

Higher Lower

The higher something is, the lower it falls. So too, the loftiest revelations are to be found in the lowest places.
Therefore, if you find yourself in a place seemingly devoid of anything spiritual—don’t despair. The lower you are, the higher you can reach.


G-d is not just big—He is infinite. If He were only “big,” then those things that are small would be further from Him, and those things that are big would be closer. But to the Infinite, big and small are irrelevant terms. He is everywhere and He is found wherever He wishes to be found.