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The Young Poetess

The Clock Doesn't Wait

By Fraida Blau

Rush, charge
Live life in a hurry
Race against time
The clock doesn’t wait

Wipe, dust
Clear the world around you
Washing, cleansing
The clock doesn’t wait

Work, toil
Six days a week
Climbing, striving
The clock doesn’t wait

Friday night
Hold time in its place
Take a moment to light
The clock can wait

Feel the glow
The radiance, the warmth
As it opens your mind
And releases your soul

Ignite a soul
A fire, a flame
Light up the world
By doing your part

Just one moment
Just one light
Just one deed
Makes a world of a difference

Do I Know?

By Fraida Blau

I used to think
That I know
But now I know
That I don’t

At least I know
That I don’t know
That’s all I know
For now

But because I know
That I don’t know
I’ll learn to know
Much more

I’ll learn that to know
Is the greatest gift
Because this knowledge
Is true

Because to know
Means knowing that
Past present and future
Are one

Because to know
Means knowing that
Our G-d is all that is

Because to know
Means knowing that
You are the knowledge itself

Because to know
To truly know
Means to know
The Ultimate.


By Mika Brodsky

I sit at my royal throne
as I’m given a second soul to refine my connection
I’m away from Jews, all alone
In exile amongst myself, wanting to revert to my old ways
Not asking for recognition, not asking for praise, merely to awake from this horrific reverie
Tired of being introspective, tired of thinking beyond
All I want to do is gather my belongings and abscond
My senses are slapped back into me and I realize how proud He must be
I think it over and finally, my heart and soul in unity can agree
I must continue this path of integrity and truth
For what I do now, in my youth,
Will be the determining factor for my upcoming years
And for what the future bears

You are a Bully

By Etti Krinsky

You are a Bully
You try to control me,
To choose what I do.
I listen because
You are a Bully.
You make me love,
When I shouldn’t.
You make me hate,
When i can’t.
You make me cry,
About small problems.
You make me angry,
When there is no reason.
You rule me,
With an iron fist.
I am terrified,
Of your ruling.
You make me,
Act selfish,
You make me,
Be cruel.
Yes, it’s you,
I am talking about.

Written when the author was 13.

Finding Identity

By Etti Krinsky

Sometimes i look around,
And wish i wasn’t me,
If only i was her,
I would be happy.
Look at her life,
So perfect and sweet,
She’s spoiled rotten,
She seems to be elite.
If only i was her,
just for a day or two,
Imagine what a life I’d lead,
With riches and beauty too!
Then i looked some more,
at the people passing by,
imagining my life as theirs,
And then i began to sigh.
How come all these people,
their lives so different then mine,
How come only in their life,
Treasures i can find?
I wondered if it was true,
That if i switched my life,
That everything would be good again,
And there would be no strife?
Would it really help,
If i was her instead of me?
If maybe i was wealthy,
Or was all the things she could be?
And maybe, no one but ME,
Can lead the life I do!
’Cause only I am strong enough,
To live my whole life through!
So listen close, friends so dear,
Next time you want to switch,
Think about it one more time,
’Cause there’s just one small glitch.
Only you can live your life,
Just as she lives hers,
I can’t be you, and you can’t be me,
’Cause being you is what G-d prefers!
I would really love to stay,
And talk all day, you see,
But now i really have to run,
And continue being me!
Written when the author was 13.

Thanks Mom

By Etti Krinsky

There is a stage of life,
When nothing is quite good,
It's all just one big fake,
Nothing as it should.

Friends just come and go,
Not many stay that long,
Sarcasm and questions,
Fill a Teenagers song.

The one who has the task,
The hardest job of all,
Is the mother of this child,
Who always must stand tall.

She loves through all the silences,
And all those angry fights,
A mother is always caring,
Although she has her rights.

A mothers love is deep,
Deeper then any other,
Through thick and thin,
Good and bad, she is still a mother.

Mom, although you may grow angry,
And let something slip your tongue,
I know it is for my good, Even if it stung.
Although i never show it,
Or don't realize right away,
Mom i know you love me,
Even if you don't always say.
I know that i am selfish,
A lazy little brat,
But mom I'm going through this,
and i say thanks for that.

I know I'll come out wiser,
Learned a thing or two,
But while i go through it,
Your one i can go to.