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Elizabeth, NY

Best I ever had. Great customer service, wonderful deal and best of all, great outcome. I got what I wanted. They made me very happy. I would totally recommend them to anyone who knows what good for them.
Thank you

Moshe C. - NY, NY

Was contacted by JWiz about a year ago to purchase a marketing package. I was a bit skeptic at first, because I have been burned by other businesses before. I was wrong. Prices were very reasonable, I am getting alot business and will renew every year. I have found a permanent online marketing campaign that actually works.

Sharon S. - Bellerose, NY

I have opened a beauty salon in Fresh Meadows in Queens, NY several years ago. I am advertising in the JWiz for the past 2 year. It was a good choice that I have made for my business! I am getting lots of clients from their website(the coupons are really helpful), as well from the referral services! I am not Jewish but i am getting a lots of clients from the area

Helda Murphy - Atlanta, GA

Just to say thank you. I needed a general contractor for my home. I needed to redo my bathroom and spruce up my living area with paint, new flooring, etc. I called the Referral Service as I have been doing for years. The girls have been helping me with anything that I need. I was referred three contractors and I chose one of them. Work was excellent and done in the time frame that I wanted. My friends and family are using them as well and a plus is that I receive a discount from the businesses that I need the work from. Thank you for providing such wonderful and helpful service.

Carol B. - Queens, NY

I signed with your company about two months ago. The sales rep told me that I will appear in the July 2013 edition but online services will begin immediately. I saw that my listing on your website is appearing on Google even before my own website. Thank you for the early promoting of my business.

Clyde, Brooklyn, NY

This is the best investment in advertising/referral service that I have made in my twenty years in the renovation business. My referrals have doubled in the last year and your prompt follow-up is simply amazing. Referrals are real and I never have to bid against ten other contractors.
Thank you

Eve C. - Richmond Hill, NY

I placed an ad with the JWiz recently to advertise my Dental Office which I recently opened. Being that I had just started this practice I needed to find a fast and easy way to put my business out there in order to receive clients. A sales agent from JWiz met with me, which I must say, explained the product very well, showed me the different ways in which I would get business and assured me that choosing this advertising company would be the best choice I ever made. And indeed it was. So far, I have received clients, who was referred by the Jewish Referral Service and have been re-occurring clients ever since and have also referred friends , family etc.. I am very happy with the way the Jewish Referral Service works, the customer service is excellent and the graphic department worked with me on designing my ad and made sure I was satisfied with it. I am very happy I chose JWiz as a way of advertising my business and looked forward to continuing with them for a second year.

Miguel Cuevas - Yonkers, NY

I was contacted by JWiz in 2008, and have been a member ever since. As a General Contractor it is often difficult to find a good referral service that connects you to fine customers in the construction business. I am pleased to say that JWiz has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The team is caring, concerned, and very respectful. Since joining the Jewish Referral Service, business has improved substantially, and the stress of having to market the business myself has been taken away from me. I am extremely grateful for having such a professional and dedicated team of people on my side. Thank you JWiz for your part in making my life that much easier!