Connecting Businesses To The Jewish Community Since 1989


We offer marketing solutions, including online advertising and sales promotions, lead generation, social media networking, website design, development, hosting and search engine optimizations, to small, local businesses. Our solutions provide these businesses with greater exposure and access to Jewish consumers in their geographic area.


Since 1989 we have connected local businesses with Jewish consumers in their communities. We have since digitalized our operations, successfully moving from print to online directories. We offer a unique online marketing service that allows for local businesses to reach new consumers within the Jewish community. JWiz is a destination point for the Jewish community that attracts visitors daily. Thus, our website is an effective platform for businesses who seek to promote their products and services directly to the Jewish community regardless of whether their products and services are specifically intended for that community.


At JWiz we aim to connect local businesses to Jewish consumers in their communities. We provide simple, affordable, and complete marketing solutions for an online presence. Our advantage is that we take a hands-on approach, providing our customers with the superior customer service that includes our knowledge and understanding of the needs of local business and the limitations that such businesses face.


Other additional services include the Consumer Discount Club and the Jewish Referral Service. The Consumer Discount Club offers up to 10% discounts at participating establishments.Our Jewish Referral Service provides added value to both our users and our advertisers. Potential consumers who are looking to purchase goods or services can call the Jewish Referral Service and an operator directs them to one or more advertisers that suit their needs. Thus, this service is a key tool for advertisers to generate new business. The telephone number for the referral service is published throughout our various directories as well as newspapers and websites.

JWiz also serves as a portal with links to a variety of sites on the internet, particularly those that carry information and news that is of interest to specified users.