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We at Redden Law recognize that you’ve build your Legacy through a life of hard work and prudent choices.  We stand ready to assist you with any legal issues surrounding your Wealth and Legacy.  You have worked your entire life to build your Legacy; let us help protect it.

Our Firm

Redden Law is a comprehensive wealth management firm.  We practice through a holistic approach that integrates you, your advisers, your family, and your legacy into a legal strategy and plan that will meet your needs and the needs of those you leave behind.

About Us

At Redden Law, we believe that the relationship with our clients and their advisers should extend far beyond just a legal transaction.  We believe we can serve clients best by being a part of their decision making processes from the initial brain storming stage to the final execution.  The firm believes that every family should have their own family attorney to assist them with both the fortunate and the unfortunate circumstances in their lives.

Potential clients should expect that the firm will be there to assist them and provide direction throughout the stages of their lives and businesses.  Even after the initial legal work is completed, we recognize that lives and circumstances change.  As life begins to change, we invite clients to come in for additional free consultations to consider their new circumstances.  We encourage clients and prospective clients to seek out our advice and involvement early.

We also recognize that we are just one element of your team.  We gladly welcome the input and collaboration of your insurance agents, CPAs, family members, wealth management professionals, and any others you believe would benefit our processes.  We often hold client meetings at the adviser’s office in order to ensure a team centered atmosphere and solutions that are team oriented and effective.


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