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Adam J Serner Law and Mediation

450 Fashion Ave Suite 1400

New York, NY 10123


The conflict of divorce and other disputes can be damaging and costly. Today, more and more individuals want no part of it. They want to find the best resolution to difficult situations, and keep the conflict from escalating. But they need skilled, expert guidance, and most importantly, someone they can trust.

Adam Berner is a leading practitioner of mediation, collaborative law, and conflict resolution in the New York and New Jersey area. He brings over 20 years of experience and extensive training to dispute resolution. Offering an array of services, Adam helps clients reach informed, satisfying and cost-effective solutions. In a trusting environment, Adam helps clients create their own agreements based on their mutual needs and goals as well as those of their children.

Adam’s practice places clients first, recognizing that divorce has many dimensions—legal, emotional, psychological, and parental when children are involved. His practice creates a trusting environment that facilitates conversation between divorcing spouses and other disputing parties, encouraging them to understand the facts of their situation, address each other’s priorities, and take charge of shaping their futures.


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