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This site was developed to give you easy access to information about our company and the services and products we offer. If you are here for the first time, visit the About Us page to find out more about our company and what you can do with our new website.

Schildwachter has been serving the area for five generations. Want to learn more about this long-standing tradition? Read about Schildwachter's company history.


MILESTONE: On February 16, 2007, the first barge delivery of Biodiesel was made to Schildwachter Oil's Bronx terminal. Today, we deliver Bio20 Heating Oil to homes and businesses throughout the Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester. Visit our Benefits of Biofuel page to see why you should use it too.

Tax credits of $.20 are available for each gallon of Bio20 Heating Oil you purchase from Schildwachter Fuel Oil. Visit our NYS Clean Heat Credit page to download the forms you'll need to file.


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