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Salomon Law Corporation

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The Salomon Law Corporation is dedicated solely to the practice of Family Law including, but not limited to, divorce, legal separation, property division, custody/visitation (initial and modifications), child and spousal support (initial and modifications), paternity, litigation, pretrial litigation, mediation, pre-marriage and post-divorce issues, and domestic violence.

At The Salomon Law Corporation, we have one main priority ---- YOU. What you can count on from our firm is dedication to your issues, professional excellence, creative solutions, client involvement and non-judgmental legal care.

The Salomon Law Corporation was founded by Joni Salomon after navigating her way through her own divorce proceedings. Joni has the unique ability to understand your feelings and hear your needs. As a professional attorney and divorcee, she understands your fears and at the same time knows your rights. Understanding the pain and the shame, oftentimes associated with divorce or family law issues and the personal experience of seeing and knowing how hard it is on the children, are valuable and unique traits for your attorney to have when guiding you through your divorce and/or other family law issues.

Many of us have never anticipated or prepared for a divorce, custody issues or family law problems. The lack of information and knowledge regarding your rights, creates great uncertainty and fear. The more information you have, the more effective you will be in helping your family and your attorney navigate through your issues. Our goal is to help you move beyond today's problems and troubles with solutions for creating a better tomorrow. We have been where you are and we can help.


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