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Prudent Home Health Care Services Inc

1231 Lafayette Ave 2nd Floor

Bronx, NY 10474

646-619-3659 | Fax: 646-619-3658

Patient satisfaction is our first priority. We will never send anyone to your home that would not be welcome in ours. Our personnel has the appropriate certificates, licenses and experience to provide personalized care.

We are committed:

  • To attain the highest quality of life for our patients by providing personal, efficient, and effective care in the home care setting
  • To assist patients in achieving their optimal level of independence, and maintain active and productive lives
  • To provide home health care, thus allowing patients to recover and/or rehabilitate in the comfort of their own homes
  • To allow patients to remain at home with their families as long as possible
  • To assist family members and/or patients in acquiring the health care needed and to provide them with appropriate referrals



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