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At the Law Offices of Michael E. Gross, our lawyers have been helping people in the Washington D.C. metro area do business for over 30 years. Our clients include real estate investors, home buyers and sellers,start-up business owners,  community associations, banks, corporations and other business people.

Our lawyers help our clients to do business on their terms, rather than on terms dictated by others. If you have ever hesitated before signing your name to a legal document of any kind, you’ve taken the first step in making sure that your business arrangements are favorable to you. The next step is to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer to decide your best course of action.

After we assess your situation, you will understand the full scope of your transaction, enabling you to make informed decisions about what to do. Because our lawyers are familiar with many areas of the law that may affect your real estate or business transaction, such as litigation, probate, real estate planning, banking and bankruptcy, our experience allows us to identify and analyze issues that may bear on your contemplated transaction.

Practice Areas:-

  • Real Estate Law 
  • Real Estate Questions 
  • Business Law
  • Business Law Questions 


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