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The New York Law Offices of Mary Grace Condello focus exclusively on divorce and family law.  Established in 1993, the firm has built a reputation for personalized attention and stron client advocacy.  Mary Grace Condello has helped clients resolve a wide scope of domestic relations issues.  When you turn to Mary Grace Condello for legal help, she will listen to your concerns and look at the totality of your circumstances.  She will provide a voice of reason amid the turmoil and guide you toward a business-lie approach to resolving the problems you face and the important decisions you must make.  Above all, Mary Grace protects each client's interests, which means never allowing a client to make a bad deal just to end the divorce.  It is important to remember, the decisions you make regarding your divorce will affect your life for years to come.
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  • Child Support
  • Family Law 
  • Real Estate 
  • Child Custody 
  • Selling/ Buying 
  • Order Of Protection and More 


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