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GB Acupuncture PC

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GB Acupuncture PC

The Acupuncturist C.Z. Yuan obtained a license in Oriental Medicine including acupuncture in 1978 in China. He was the employee by government hospital for researching projects and seeing more than a few patients a month. He came to the USA in 1996 and obtained the Acupuncture license in 1999 and became national certified Horologist in 2005 in U.S.A. He has been continuously practicing for more than 30 years since 1978 in China , Queens, Long Island and has been developing his own expert skill to treat, and cure, heal, make people well. He is in experter to treat in ache and pain for neck , shoulder, chronic back, disc problem, muscle and every joint, sport injury, automobile accident, slip and fall, post-operation pain, spinal canal stenosis, thecostegnosis, neuralgia, goat, migraine, frozen shoulder, sponge feet(pain in heel), shingles, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tennis elbow, knee pain, pinch nerve, depression, insomnia, stress, disturbance of cerebral vertigo, stroke, prevention of stroke, facial paralysis, myasthenia gravis, common, cold and flu. Asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, dust, pat, any kind of allergy(hey fever), increase vitality and energy, deep relaxation, weight control. Stop smoking, abdominal pain, hyperacidity, stress reduction, indigestion, chronic diarrhea, constipation, facial rejuvenation, menopause syndrome, prostatomegaly, nocturia, incontinent urine, enhanced and physical function.


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