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Florida Pool Patio

5201 SW 132 Avenue

Miami, FL 33175


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Our mantra is simple. "Be the BEST"

Build pools that are built to last. Most every pool looks good new, but a pool built with precision, quality products, engineered design, and total commitment to quality will hold up over time.

Eco friendly. The pool of tomorrow is already here with the right builder. By using less chemicals and energy you save money and minimize the impact on landfills.

Smart Technology. Florida Pool Patio has kept up with the latest technology and can incorporate the state of the art products resulting in significant savings.

Totally Committed. Florida Pool Patio is a second generation company that has built a reputation on providing a positive experience and satisfied clientele. Never resting on their laurels they have continued to seek the latest information that will allow them to always be current with the latest technology.

It is, in the end, about being the BEST in construction, remodeling and maintenance.

Our Services:-

  • Residential and commercial swimming and spa services
  • Residential and commercial pool and spa repairs
  • Residential and commercial swimming pool and spa remodeling
  • Residential and commercial swimming pool and spa construction

Our mission statement:

Our foremost focus is on our customers; listening to their needs, providing solutions that incorporate the latest energy and money saving technologies, and delivering to them complete satisfaction. We intend to do that by committing to:

  • Customized service specific to each individual’ s need
  • Guaranteeing 100% satisfaction
  • Offering them the best available technology
  • Working within budget and time frame



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