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Farrow Law Firm is a boutique South Florida Law Firm dedicated to Business Formation, Construction and Vitality. At Farrow Law Firm, we believe that our business development clients are 9 months pregnant with their ideas and it is time for them to be born. We think of ourselves as “Corporation Midwives”. We will help you deliver your ideas into the world and provide the nutrients for them to thrive. We build corporate structures, including Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Financial Support Agreements around your vision – after all you are the creator. We have experience in creating all types of corporate entities which are as individual as our client’s needs. We not only provide the legal infrastructure for your new born corporation, we also provide practical advice during the critical initial stages where many businesses struggle to find their footing in the lives of their owners and communities.


One of the most unique features of Farrow Law’s Business Development approach is providing professional coaching from business coaching professionals and attorneys. Just like having a new born child, our professionals offer parenting skills for their new born corporate entities in line with their principles and vision. It’s hard work, but fun and exhilarating at the same time. We invite you to a free (complimentary) consultation to meet with our business development team who will assist you in designing your corporate vision through the proper legal structure to avoid blind spots. Our professionals will assist you in the “hows” to create, expand and obtain capital for growth. We also understand that clients with dreams may believe they don’t have the financial resources to make them a reality. We work with our clients by providing legal services they can afford during the initial building stages.

Farrow Law also utilizes the same tools for our clients with existing Businesses to take them to the next level of growth and diversity. At this level, we assist our clients in creating valuable partnerships for growth and sustainability. No matter what page of the book we meet our clients on, we get to create positive relationships in which all parties bring value to the table.


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