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Color Art Design

23831 Albers Street

Woodland Hills , CA 91367

818-746-9016 | Fax: 818-929-6770

Pati Pfahler, CEO                                              

Interior Designer, ISID - MIRM   


Pati Pfahler has been involved in Residential Design for more than two decades encompassing Private Residential Design, 

Model Homes and Staging and commercial work.  Her team has established a reputation with Homeowners and Home Developers

throughout the United States winning Elan, Mame and Gold Nugget Design Awards and others.

Color Art Design works closely with clients to remodel or decorate, making both indoor and outdoor living spaces:

- Functional

- Safe

- Beautiful

with consideration to the specific needs of the client.

Services include:

- Conceptual concepts (and development of such)

- Space planning

- Site inspection

- Selecting decorative or architectural materials such as 

  - Flooring Surfaces

  - Wall surfaces

  - Countertops

  - Doors and windows

  - Molding

  - Plumbing

  - Appliances

  - Furnishings

  - Art & accessories

. . . and more!

Also included: 

- Research

- Shopping 

- Procurement

- Installation

The Designer will work within approved budget confines, and coordinate and communicate with construction and site personnel and owner.  In general, we work with blueprints and are aware of permits and inspection regulations though they may differ by County.

We have close associations with other Trade Professionals available as work requires and wholesale connections, saving money on purchasing wherever possible.


Interior Design , Interior Decorating , Countertops , Plumbing , Space Planning , Appliances , Molding