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Archiveri Architects

34-10 94th Street, 2L

Jackson Heights, NY 11372


When we build your  Archiveri House you will not have to evacuate, wait on the rooftop to be rescued, your car will not be immersed in flood waters - you'll be watching Mother Nature's fury by the fireplace with  glass in hand..

In this vein we offer:

  • Tornado/Hurricane/Flood/Fire/ Storm Surge resistant Home Design
  • Organic Home Design 
  • Sinkhole proof Home Design
  • Modernized Replicas of Classic Edifices Design
  • Post Disaster Urban Renewal 
  • House Restoration/Remodeling 
  • Medical Offices
  • Ski Chalets
  • BPP - Driveway/Sidewalk/Curb/Porches  
  • Interior Shoring
  • Pre-Demolition Surveys
  • Consulting