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A Grant McCrea Esq

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Small Firm Attorney with Big Firm Experience in New York

Grant McCrea at the Law Offices of A. Grant McCrea is one of New York City’s top litigators, with years of experience in the big-dollar law firms working on high stakes cases in international commerce. Today, Mr. McCrea and his partner works with the big time clients as well as offering his services to the people of the five boroughs. With us, you’ll receive big firm service at small firm prices.

We offer assistance in practice areas of great value to everyday New Yorkers, including family law, trusts, estates and civil litigation.

Family Law

Our firm represents clients in most matters in family law, including divorce, child custody and modifications. We may be able to help you resolve to support and custody disputes using alternative resolution methods like mediation. You’ll be able to focus on whether the settlement helps you meet your goals for the future rather than on winning vs. losing.

Trusts and Estates

Few other practice areas of the law are as concerned with the future as is estate planning. We take a look at your current situation and help you plan for times ahead, perhaps after you have passed on. Whether you simply want to write a will to provide for a child or you want to execute a revocable trust to manage a vast portfolio, our firm is willing and ready. Our attorneys have the background to act as your financial advisor as well as your legal counsel, you may not feel the need to go anywhere else.


Euromedia named Mr. McCrea one of the top commercial litigators in the country two years straight. As important and satisfying as it was to bring in high-dollar verdicts for his clients, he was pleased he was able to help resolve dozens of seemingly intractable situations during his 30-year career as an attorney. Mr. McCrea built his reputation handling complex disputes while working at the largest firms in New York, often involving a knowledge of international law. He still works the big cases; however, he will give your dispute the same meticulous care and rapt attention as he did with on the big legal issues.

Experienced New York County Attorney Serves All Boroughs

You would expect a lawyer with the kind of resume Grant McCrea has to be stiff and difficult to work with. This lawyer, who is also a published mystery writer, is anything but. If you’re in Yonkers, out on Long Island or taking the train over from Brooklyn, you’ll be welcome in his Manhattan office. Call for an appointment or to discuss how he can help you.


  • Family Law
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Litigation


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